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The cat is an animal of mammals, belongs to the family cat, has been domesticated by humans since about 7000 years.
Believed that the origin of wild cats (cats ancestors) originated in the desert climate, and shows that the tendency of cats to the heat and sun exposure, often sleeping in places exposed to sunlight during the day. There are dozens of breeds of cats, some colorless fur and tail, some of the other stateless as a result of a deformity.
Cats have great skill in hunting and predation nearly as big cats Kalnmr, but they do not constitute a real risk to humans due to their small size

Types of cats
*- Sand Cat
*- Wild cat
*- Never bush
*- Black cat foot
*- Chinese desert cat
Cat weighs between 4 and 7 kg, and rarely up to 10 kg. Possible for a cat to reach for 23 kg and occurs when feed is a plus. Should not do it, because he was not healthy and cause damage to the animal.
Cats a great ability to see in the dark, and the cat cover third of the eye, if the cat showed this cover chronic, this means that the cat is sick.
Like the cat hygiene, and is often lick their fur to clean it up and make vitamin C
As you like cats hunt mice

Cat pet likable for some people. Cats intelligent animals in nature, self-reliant, which is fond of play and entertainment, many of which are characterized by friendship and sincerity of some people of all ages.
The word cat to the family of carnivores, including tigers, lions, leopards and other cats, including this new breed domestic cats also held by some people pampered pets. Common household pet cats with wild cats in many of the characteristics and attributes of objects as it long and strong capital round to some extent short-strong lifting carrying 30 are not sharp. Featuring family cat with great skill in hunting prey of other animals, and it approached the prey quietly on a padded foot, or wait until closer to the prey Vtnqd suddenly.
Of household pet cats many capacities, including special physical ability to sight in dim light better than human, as well as climbing trees, and running at high speed and jumping long distances. Cats sense of balance and superior as they can walk easily on the wall high on the edge of a narrow or high. When cats fall, they descend on their feet, lightly padded.
Different cats in her attitude and some physical characteristics such as the length and color of fur. There are a large number of cat breeds each has some characteristics. One of the favorite breeds Siamese and Burmese and Persian.
No one knows exactly when cats Astwnst for the first time. Some historians believe it Astwnst since about 5000 years old. Throughout history, some people acquired the cats to their large hunting mice, rats and snakes. Thus, the cats were maintained on farms, homes and work ********s that are free of these pests.

Cat breeds
The cats Mistoldo Bastelad many breeds with different colors mesh selectivity between animals that have the qualities and characteristics required. These properties show a continuous basis between cats clean. And pure breeds are produced from the father, mother of the dynasty itself. Called generations of cats resulting from random mating strains of the mixed or hybrid, or hybrid, and use this terminology when they are mating between different strains.

Short-hair breeds:
There are ten known breeds are: 1 – al-Habashi 2 – British Short Hair 3 – Burmese 4 – 5 short-haired intruder – Havana brown 6 – 7 and Stars – colorless sin 8 – King 9 – 10 Russian Blue – Siamese.

Breeds of long hair:
Discrimination was fourteen strain known in the world. They are: 1 – never 2 Ankara – Albalini 3 – Albierman 4 – 5 Jewel – Alcinchilp biting 6 – 7 Himalayas – Nigger original 8 – 9 Norwegian forest cat – Persian 10 – 11 smoke – Somalia 12 – 13 wavy brown – never shield turtle 14 – white.

Hybrid cats with fur multi-colors and shapes, do not represent a particular breed. And form a beautiful and pleasant to look it is often a sharp intelligence and love pets. Held for the cats from certain factions – especially the hybrid cats – in the west, a lot of exhibitions and give prizes and cups, and medals.

And the number of cats, hybrid cats more than the original in the world. And some of the hybrid cats catch mice and rats in the farms and homes. In most countries of thousands of cats
Hybrid stray and unwanted. And animal welfare groups are trying to find homes for these cats stray after sterilization and removal of genitals.

Pet cats

The ancient Egyptians were the first to break the cat and used them in their homes after they noticed his talent for outstanding fishing. And today there are several varieties of domestic cats that participate rights in his home. The most famous of these races are:

European cat:
Is the most prevalent species. In which multiple types with various properties, Kher Nimri, cat with white chest, Ping triangle colors.

Siamese cat:
Tellandi is out, the children of his mouth and limbs brown as well. And his eyes are blue. Weber is a short, and tends to form slim.

Abyssinian cat:
Is in the view of some experts from the strain of the cat which is guarded by the ancient Egyptians and the advantage of prolonged ears, and eyes Almailten, and his righteousness, and tends to soft brown.

Persian cat:
Is the most famous Nmadj cats that breed long term, also called the cat Alaenkeri.

Wild cats:
A large number of wild animals that displays the original ones, the savage cats are still prevalent today in large numbers and there are more than twenty species distributed on the continents, and except for North America and Australia

(Mating cats)

Cat foreign infrastructure short hair voracious self Alkestnaiip (Chestnut): is the result of breeding repeatedly shot Semitic Lilac This program is the result of several types of Lilac color with the characteristics of Siamese cat and Lilac foreign short hair that looks like here is one of a kind 12)) are known, and this cat purple Fine with green eyes as a result of mating with Lilac Siamese cat Havana and got a clear recognition of the same time as the foreign white cat in 1977.

Cats foreign short hair elastic and oriental scene with a solid head shape and large ears and eyes Mudbbtan almond Krzian. There are 12 basic configuration includes the black cat with dark green eyes.

Foreign white cat with short hair are not subject to the requirement, which is different from cats, American and British short hair.

East of cats with short hair’s color, in contrast to the colorful and exotic category, which we call Balsyamip there is a remarkable variety of cats, gray and brown and yellow two-tone body with all kind of fashionable slim-east. There are new types Zlalip color and planned, as in this gray cat Almrguenp. One of the significant benefits of a cat with short hair you do not need worry about to keep it combed and make the cat with short hair the same clean, self-In the case of good not like the strain of long hair that requires daily attention and, if possible roaming outside the home will not return without a doubt but Baltekc and remnants of the garden. It was no surprise that the short hair more practical because it is more common among domestic and wild cats.

Scalp soft and short, sleek exterior, east snapshot foreign short hair with a wonderful view of the color distinctive and unusual structure such as this cat Dilute yellow and blue are sometimes called CAT – Alkremiah her scalp Remo blue and mottled with shades of

Cat Korat silk of the scalp are rare even in her native Thailand. Provides here a pair of these cats to birds as a symbol of the Thai good luck. Her name is known arises from the territory of Thailand, where developed there the first time, imported by America from Thailand in 1959 was not officially recognized until 1965 and not for her recipes Alnhv and length of the type of the eastern model, but is semi-cobby with the structure of muscle strong and tail and legs of medium length and regardless of the color of the face is the most distinctive shape of the heart is unusually short nose and large ears and big eyes Mdortan Mdortan two green matte. Korat cats and small breed yellow amber eyes that do not turn to green until the age of two. Korat Cat and the amount of fur has always been colored by blue, silver strain

Cat Havana short hair comes in a rich chestnut brown with green eyes, almond-shaped and Krzip. Is the result of a deliberate attempt in the fifties of the birth of a cat with a graceful form of the Siamese cat, but one color. After all if you are interested in the presentation of this Cat smart and attractive, the judges preferred the Americans see the body is full of short little closer to the Cob type and must be fur shiny auburn Odhu very rich like the color of a cigar. This cat requires a lot of attention, although it will be warm to the owner.

Singapura cat small but fat, do not see much in the West with it a beautiful thing and a few with almond-shaped eyes Krzip big green or gold, as well as silky soft fur and short, and as a pet and it has a quiet nature of the attractive and enjoys the company of humans. In spite of the shape sensitivity and attractive ivory fur with brown annex, it is in her native Singapore allowed by running, in the wild and is known as a snapshot of exchange / Drian cat / due to its tendency to resort to the sewage system. Lifestyle described deprived because of her diminutive height small, with the commensurate well with the rounded head and short nose and large eyes and claws small oval. There are varieties of different colors in Singapore do not see so far in America as a combination of beige (Bronze) Remo is the most Tanasla. Singapura cat and is not currently known in England Exhibition

Cat Russian Blue breed shy and rarely roam outside the home, and make a good choice if you want to snapshot a beautiful landscape and the love of home and the outside of the ordinary, this is not like other strains or cats is not normal, and do not require the cat Russian Blue a great deal of interest or passion. Archangel cat knew the past, blue, probably related to a portion of the Archangel in northern Russia, where I grew up, and also invited the cat Maltese, a blank copy of the Russian cat produced in the United Kingdom, but not very well known to do that is rare these days

Although it is an elegant oriental cat Ethiopian / Abyssinian / scalp with thick and short is not of great precision, such as the Siamese cat. After all it is one of the most beautiful breeds, distinct smartness and her body, as well as plastic soft Vruha wonderful. This combination copper Almrguenp chocolate are the Sorrel sometimes called Qrvi or Seda-ye.

Although the cat Ethiopian (Abyssinian) standard with a rich golden color Mrguen black, the other colors there Zlalip include Chocolate, Lilac, Tortia, Red,, Silver Sorrel, Cream pictured here. This new cat is not fully known by all societies, like all cats Ethiopian her mood is excellent and can be very friendly towards the owner. The cats with short hair is easy combing quickly.

Odhu long hair (Longhair)
The origin of this strain is Angora (Alankora) from the city of Ankara .. Famous goat-haired and very soft, so-called (mohair)
Turk continued Angora (Tturkish Angora)
All breeds of Angora Iran .. Which started in the extinction and replaced by the Iranian strain of long hair

Here’s a solution is to ask whether or Ankora Shirazi M فارسى
Vymsabqat cats and Britain has not recognized Palanjura Turkish
How is no difference between Turkish and Iranian angora (Shirazi or knight)
Turkish Angora cat is characterized by a dense Graduate Kalpdp are embroidered around the neck, chest and lower part Khvevvy
Therefore, the survey Angora brushing much easier

Head of a medium-sized ears are large, soft and beautiful neck and a heavy fur around the neck and hide in the bottom half
Long tail cat-driven luxury to the highest almost touching his head .. Eyes in the form of a blue goose or orange or yellow

Foul good behavior and friendly and gives the appearance of intelligent silence of the Sphinx


Cat Iranian (Persian) Shirazi

Facility in Europe and comes from Angora that no modern descendants
Thick fur coat flexible drop-down on the body more intense Andang, shoulders and legs Fraiip
Have different colors and is a white cat blue eyes never Salon Classic luxury most can not hear and there, White
Eye orange, the most important characteristic Shirazi short legs and a round head and eyes full rotation extensive
And began to jam cats Shirazi divided into three categories
Moon or states Vis Vis

We note the nose small and round eyes and hair heavy

Allbecky Allbeckn Vis or Vis
Notes nose Kalzrar The more eyes nose in the integrity of the type is not an authentic Oud

[/ Img]

Is called the Himalayan
The mating Honteg Sherzai Siamese, but after several generations
So that any attempt to marry Sherzai Siamese types produce very ugly
Shirazi boom
Any rare, but if married Himalaya Himalaya Himalaya Anajabua

And the Himalayas is either moon or Bheki Vis Vis .. Himalaya Orange color .. Parts of a dark orange Karimi ..
Nose, ears, feet and tail edge color darker in color similar to Balseamy

Himalaya Chocolate which parts dark chocolate color and the rest of the body Light Brown .. The Himalayan species and the most expensive Blu Onderha
And also

Himalaya Bheki

Hema LAIA Moon

The Himalayan blue of the most expensive species and Onderha
Himalaya blue cat picture I had and, unfortunately, does not show the image the wonderful blue-gray color

May be mated with the Allbecky Mon thereby creating the half Bheki is never a nice shape also combines the two forms

Siamese cat (siamese)
Asian origins .. Donated by the King of Siam to Mr. Owen Gould the English Consul 1880
Appeared officially in Crystal Palace in London and been a great success .. Then came to America 1890
It was not like this but this was chunky and round her head a bit .. and then enter his education specialists to give him
Immunity more .. Mating .. Vantage of this type were Siamese current ..

Hair (coat): Short Hair luxury Mtcol color wearing a mask, the ears, legs and feet and tail
And blue eyes .. Generates a small white light and then increase Gmqana .. Have four colors

Seals, which is currently circulating a color .. Blue color is dark gray and the body snowy white
Hekola coat and ivory color and shade of milk chocolate .. And color Allilki a rare snowy white
And dark gray and pink, as well as cushions and claw tip of the nose .. Ras Siamese should be a triangle full of both sides of the ear, nose and eyes, long-form tend to Ozatan point the nose and they are always blue
Short-tail sign of purity, but the widespread high-tail is long and sometimes by the node Vynhith
Sharp printing complex, sensitive and roses do not predict and fertile female partner and affection .. Hunter

The second type: cat Albalnezy (Balinese)
Established in 1950 and America was born of a mother kittens Siamese, but not her hair short, but the traditional
Long silky hair .. Silk long thick hair from the top and bottom of a short .. Have the same mask Siamese
Light body and muscles a good .. Graceful movements .. Hind legs longer than front .. His harmonic
Wedge-shaped nose and long, and eyes to Ozatan Mnhrvatan glaucoma and tail is long hair more than the view of Siamese
Foul: a loving intelligent courtier has the same voice tones Siamese .. Strain if he married the same type is given by
(Cats) Palinezip if married will be given by the Siamese Siamese.

Cat Rag States or (Raj States) Ragdoll

In America .. His coat of fur you, either long or heavy and medium
Tends to rotate the head and broad cheek .. The short nose .. Blue eyes tend to drift .. Strong tail fur Odhu good .. Foul thin

Turkish van cat (Turish Van Cat)
N types of Angora his coat thick and soft on top only .. White base color marks chestnut near the ears and tail darker rings .. Resembles the Turkish Angora .. That they have large ears hair and pink from the inside .. Eyes circular Cefrohtan .. tail is long and dense, is never a quiet house and called the cat because he is good at swimming pool

Norwegian Forest cat Norwegian Forest
Cats cold climate of Norway has a number of myths have thick fur protects him from the cold all the colors of his body full of his claws unusual able to climb trees and rocks .. Never a prudent and intelligent hunter Maher

Somali Somali cat
Starch in the U.S., Ethiopian cats but a long hair .. A thick coat of medium length and is similar to the dome may be Balhabcy Ruby (Titian Brws black or red Brws sons
Petite rectangular body back curved like a round about Alagafzros main types and ears .. striking bright green eyes, or double gold in the form of the amygdala .. Tail strong thick hair .. Fisherman mice and small animals can not be trusted on the birds .. Loves meat and entrails

Elhabashy cat Abyssinian Cat

Note that Google specialists cats found in Egyptian tombs is very similar to cats Abyssinia .. This confirms that the cat Elhabashy slope of Egyptian cats .. Which is similar to the Pharaonic gods _ (Bassett)
Was brought to England .. Gosaiier hair coat and dense, such as rabbit .. Aallon deep red or dark red copper scheme and its properties
Each section of her hair at the root and Light Dark section at any party of any furs attractive bright spots to make the cat less than a level and unacceptable .. A long thin body and a black cushioned feet long tapering tail .. Described his eyes as the largest and most innocent may be green or yellow .. Grain printing very passionate about the game and did not care if the owner played the sad and possible escape

The fact that the Maine Cat Maine Coon
A mix between the U.S. and Angora
A short coat on the head and then starts in length on the shoulders and then the whole body … Fur soft silk .. But it is less well-being of the Iranian coat … Like an animal .. Alrkon a large head and round What distinguished him most Mnakdtan ears and eyes and Mentsbtan Whitawitan large yellow or copper or green as the color of the cat .. Main fact that White has blue eyes .. The tail is medium height and heavy end of the lock of hair .. Never fawning intelligent hunter ..

American Shorthair American short-hair

Came with the immigrants from Europe to America .. Fur short Qoyallowanh black and white charcoal or smoke .. Blue Red Aelchenchila (poliomyelitis) reconfigured the head, the ears and mustache Mentsbtan Assean two big circular eyes and strong jaws and Mnhrvatan outward intelligent and friendly fisherman loves all family members

Cat Almanks (never Island man)

Never without a tail fur bright light like a rabbit hair coat has a bottom heavy
Hind legs are longer than The front walk Kagafzp rabbit
Long nose, the ears, eyes, round tables Aarbtanmstdertan color suitable for fur color .. Never intelligent teachable

Russian Blue
SNP Dangler ears (Scottish fold)
Short-haired heavy rare header round his body a short broad ears forward, eyes Mtaiwitan circular main types suitable for the tail coat color coordinated, soft, short and round party

Japanese Bobtail (The Japanese Bobtail)
From Japan .. There, he is a symbol of good luck .. a rare breed .. soft silk fur coat of a bottom head .. .. equilateral triangle ears and the main types Aagaftan .. Bractan Whitawitan Mailten eyes .. The tail is what distinguishes it from 10 to 12 cm, two or an annex rabbit never unique

Egyptian Mau (Egyptian Mau)
Fred .. likely returning to 1400 years BC
The Qamtamerp Mondo (Natalie Trosky) import Female Male Egypt with Egyptian and began to strain
Mao called in the Pharaonic mean never .. A cousin of the cat Elhabashy .. Fur thin silk shiny hair .. his average random patches of the body and tail .. with hoops .. Striking bright green eyes almond legs .. very long .. Round head and big ears .. the tail long and tapering .. intelligent hunter sounded like the bird almost

Short hair the East (Oriental Shorthair)
Balaznan characterized by two big and soft, short hair .. And from the colors and Gentlemen it mottled

Rex cat (Rex)
Appeared in Germany never a wrinkled coat .. Breeding and then seemed to strain the Corniche … Coat (fur) a bottom, and churning frizzy and silky
Mustaches and even wrinkled body Siamese … .. Curved back and legs straight, long time .. Cape triangle and long straight nose .. Large ears develop a broad .. Whitawitan eyes .. A long skinny tail at the tip covered with hair kinky

Sphinx (Sphynx)
Home of the birth never without hair 1966 in Canada .. Nashat and from the strain
Short hair too .. Slender body Short nose or eyes double gold Khaddrohtan .. Ear large main types .. Does not have a mustache … Tail is long and thin, a cat-loving people

Cat and how to choose

First: Be careful never to take an old Take a snapshot of two to five.
Secondly: If you are afraid of the cat hair loss is not a cat Tokhadd U.S. Take for example, types Okrycirzae
Third: if you do not have the patience and the ability of caffeine to clean the cat white cat, do not take color as they get dirty quickly Take bold colors such as gray or brown
Fourth: Take a healthy book (passport) of the doctor or the seller who sold you the cat if they were not the work of the book you have purchased from any veterinarian
Fifth: If not, the cat has taken to complete Qahath sure to give it
Sixth: Be careful when you buy a cat from a number of things
1 – the eyes must be open and do not have any problems (or be Ur eye tears
2 – Members sound no fractures or limp or stop members
3 – There is no swelling in an area of the cat’s body
4 – Make sure not to idle or lazy cat overload
5 – do not buy the cat in the afternoon, but Astraeh a time when the cat is fully awake with his
6 – Ask for the parents and make sure that the strain of the possible
7 – If you want to one day of your cat or your cat to give birth to you to make sure yourself what you want (give birth to female and male who likes to play is generally more than the female

Now for the equipment you will need:
First: you should choose the appropriate place in your home and parental consent of course
Second: you should choose a house or a fund for your cat either you do unto yourself or buy a lamb is ready and should preferably be from the plastic for easy cleaning and feel
Third: I buy a sufficient quantity of cotton to put in this house for a cat
Fourth: you buy a special cats nail scissors
V.: You purchase a quantity of sand or if you have another source
VI: Place dedicated to bringing the sand because the sand is placed cats into the droppings pit and direction … and then dump
VII: Comb or brush the hair of your cat or your cat fur, especially if long
Eighth: The special shampoo cats
Ninth: a piece of wood approximately 20 cm long to cool cat nails do not destroy the furniture at home is not as necessary, but if you want
X.: food must be diversity of cat food, preferably food to avoid calories and little fish frequently because it causes hair loss
Finally: You must use water to punish the individual cat

Other comments
1 – cats love to play
2 – cats like to sleep in the sun
3 – Listen to the advice of experimenters
4 – you’ll hear a lot of criticism because of the cat in the first period and quickly disappear
5 – take care of cats is not an easy thing, but fun at the same time
6 – at first do not buy more than ever to learn the basic principles of his education




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